Introducing The Climate & Series

Untelevised: The Podcast

17-11-2021 • 29 mins

The last couple of weeks have been a noisy time, with everyone sharing their perspectives on what's been happening inside the (rather exclusionary) walls of the COP26 summit, on the streets surrounding it and globally. For us at Untelevised, social change is about uncovering the root causes of injustice and discovering alternatives. So, rather than focusing on the event of COP itself, we see this as an opportunity to explore the wider themes around climate justice. And we've found voices at the grassroots that we can learn, discuss and share radical alternatives with. The 'Climate &' series is the result of these conversations.

Things we mentioned:

The LUSH Spring Prize (; Untelevised hosting The LUSH Spring Prize; LUSH Spring Prize award nominees and recipients; LUSH Spring Prize Communities Open Letter; COP26 Official Website (, Twitter(@cop26) and Instagram (@cop26uk); Independent News, Grassroots Groups and Activists reporting from COP26

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