Women of Velvet and Steel: Session 9

Birthright of Power

11-03-2013 • 59 mins

It has been said that to succeed in a man’s world that women need to assert their masculine side. It won’t work. What a woman must do, is to focus her feminine style of power into a task that is her calling. A woman has the potential for deep power, but she must access it in her way. To reach for a man’s power in a man’s way, is to invite not only failure, but damage to others in the world. Velvet and steel is the path to power for women. Soft, caring, relational, and living an ethic of care will bring power to a woman, whose very core is tempered steel. Without the steel she is weak. It is a balancing act. Are you defined by your roles or do you define them? How do you find your sexual power when the only choices in our culture have been Madonna or Whore? And how do you find your voice? Join Jane as she tells the story of her journey to power. And listen as Don shares his observations as her partner in this life.