Using capitalism for sustainability, with Rob Gardner

Love Business with Alan Wick

04-03-2023 • 56 mins

What is this refreshing alchemy that successfully blends environmental, social and financial goals?

Meet Rebalance Earth, helping companies to meet their Net Zero and nature-positive targets more efficiently and transparently.

Capitalism can be a force for good in its sustainable form. That’s Rob Gardner’s passionate belief. He’s determined to make a real difference in the face of climate change challenges and biodiversity loss, using his experience from a successful career in banking and investment to develop a platform for natural assets that creates a biodiversity net gain, captures carbon and creates new job opportunities.

Rob has a pioneering spirit, and embodies the power of having clear non-financial goals.

In this enlightening and energising interview, Rob

  • Talks about two of his companies: Redington, a pension fund management company with a strong corporate social responsibility ethos; and Mallowstreet, an online community that helps companies achieve financial security. Both are Certified B Corporations.
  • Describes how his undergraduate dissertation on a glacier in the alps, and engagement in subjects around loss of biodiversity at COP26, led him to co-found his new start up, Rebalance Earth. It’s a Community Interest Company ‘CIC’ and their intent as they grow is to become a B-Corp.
  • Explains how Rebalance Earth takes a market mechanism approach to tackling climate crisis issues through ‘nature credits’ and functions as a data source for natural capital.
  • Discusses the lack of financial education in British culture and how living in Argentina as a child informed his attitude to money and his career in finance.
  • Recalls the difficulties and successes of his first business, explaining the process of learning from mistakes and how you can enhance decision making.
  • Expresses his hopes for Rebalance Earth, expanding on the positive impacts he wants to make for the planet and for people through his business.
  • Shares his mantra ‘being with the end in mind’ and the process he takes in achieving success through long-term thinking.