Making EV charging easy, with Phil Nunn and Charlie Bodycote

Love Business with Alan Wick

27-06-2023 • 53 mins

Mission NOT impossible. Jumptech is trailblazing their way through the world of electric vehicle (EV) charging points.

Their smart-tech is taking the hassle out of the EV charge point installation process, making it easier for companies to quickly and efficiently install charge points and other low-carbon devices in the most compliant and scalable way possible. And it’s a premium end-user experience.

Simply put, the greater the ease of installation, the greater the uptake – it’s good for the planet and good for everyone involved.

It is exciting to see them accelerate the worldwide adoption of electric vehicles and green, clean technologies by streamlining installations and connecting stakeholders.

Steering the ship of such a rapidly expanding business doesn’t come without its challenges, and I loved talking through Phil and Charlie’s experiences and insights in this brilliant interview.

In our dynamic and inspiring conversation, Phil and Charlie:

  • Explain what Jumptech is all about and how they provide their customers with a frictionless experience.

  • Describe the many types of customers and companies that use Jumptech, and how they win big contracts.

  • Share Jumptech’s journey, from its founding moments to the present day, as well as their and their team’s backgrounds.

  • Drill down into the specifics of the technology side of the business and how they resource that side of their operations.

  • Highlight that they are a purpose-led business, why they feel this is important and how it impacts on their recruiting process.

  • Explain how a young, unknown company like Jumptech managed to get some big hitting clients on board.

  • Delve into the charge point sector, how it has expanded, and how competitive the market currently is.

  • Share the learnings they gained from working together in the past, how they’ve worked out their roles as founder and CEO, and insights they have for other businesses to learn from.

  • Discuss their plans for Jumptech’s future.