Starting young and cleaning up, with Rachel Flanagan

Love Business with Alan Wick

25-07-2022 • 57 mins

An 18 year old starting up what has become an award-winning, multi-million pound company? That’s quite an achievement, and quite a story! I was excited to quiz Rachael Flanagan on what’s driven her on this successful journey. Mrs Buckét is a commercial cleaning company delivering services and facilities to a range of businesses, helping them maintain a high standard of hygiene in their workplaces. During the interview we discussed how Rachael started her business at such a young age, and how it has developed and grown into the successful company it is today.

In this fascinating interview you will hear:

  • How Rachael has grown her business from distributing a box of flyers to a 300+ workforce with a 96% staff and client retention.
  • Why developing a niche in the market is vital and how it has made Mrs Buckét stand out.
  • The value of using quirky and innovative techniques to win new business.
  • Why it is so important to look after people and how Mrs Buckét develop their staff, wanting to be known as ‘Employer of Choice.’
  • How Mrs Buckét consistently strives to be innovative and the ‘go to’ industry expert.