Seeing pain in a new light, with Richmond Stace

Love Business with Alan Wick

25-07-2022 • 59 mins

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about pain? Nothing too positive, I’m guessing. Richmond Stace is a pioneer in his attitude to pain management. We talked about how he applies his extensive experience in nursing, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, coaching and neuroscience to help individuals manage and improve chronic pain, embracing people’s strengths and the potential to improve their lives. He runs his business from the heart, prioritising his clients’ wellbeing over his balance sheet.

In this refreshing interview, Richmond

  • Describes how he helps people with persistent pain issues, and subsequently looks at ways in which they can move forward.
  • Explains why he has a holistic approach, applying his skills with elements of science, psychology and philosophy.
  • Illustrates how broad ranging in background and lifestyle his client base is, as pain is indiscriminate.
  • Highlights how he communicates his service to his clients who sometimes come with pre-existing perceptions.
  • Stresses the importance of his clients understanding the relationship between their bodies and their external environment.
  • Talks about his education and career path, how he got started in business, how he values his work-life balance highly, and is motivated by the reward of helping his clients.
  • Reveals his lightbulb moment in his understanding of the pain field.
  • Expounds on his future plans, including publishing his upcoming book, and his hope of doing more talks and tours, with the aim of helping as much of society as possible to understand pain, and change their attitudes towards pain, as well as issues with funding and social/gender biases.
  • Shares his learnings from his experience in business, stressing the importance of putting yourself ‘out there’ to create the space for new opportunities, of continuous self-improvement and learning from your mistakes.