Developing a successful events brand, with David Hieatt

Love Business with Alan Wick

25-07-2022 • 56 mins

When did you last feel inspired and energised; have your perspective challenged? Hearing others’ stories can be incredibly inspirational. For me, David Hieatt is right up there on my list and I’m pretty confident you’ll find him inspirational too. In this second time of interviewing David, he shared his story, starting on the far edge of West Wales on an old farm in 2007. This is where the idea for The DO Lectures began, as a space for the world’s ‘DOers’ to feed their dreams. He talked about the belief, the struggles, and the resilience involved in developing one of the most unique and exclusive events around, the power of purpose-driven brands, and lots more besides.

In this fascinating interview, David explains:

  • How The Do Lectures changed attendees’ lives.
  • How you can be influential and small.
  • The benefits of community.
  • Playing the long game (ideas need patience).
  • How, sometimes, passion and belief are more important than data.
  • The value of cultivation and purpose in a business.