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Samantha Brown | Spiritual Life Coach & Professional Organizer

Welcome Sweet Friend to the Her Healed Heart Podcast where we will talk about Clearing our Clutter as a Christian Woman. We will learn how to clear our Emotional Clutter (feelings of resentment or anger, loss, fear or worry, insecurities and guilt or regret), Our Physical Clutter (in our homes) & Our Spiritual Clutter (what is blocking us in our relationship with God).  My desire is for you to have a place to know you are NOT ALONE & NOT JUDGED!! I promised God that if He got me through my mess then I would help other women get through theirs!! So if you like Organizing, Learning Life’s Lessons & Renewing your mind then sister you are in the right place. We are the Heart of our Home and we will learn how to HEAL OUR HEARTS!! I am Samantha Brown, Spiritual Life Coach & Professional Organizer. I have been married for 15 years, I’m a mom of 2 teenagers (yikes!!) and 2 Fur Babies. I get it sister, this life can be a lot to handle at times, especially when you feel like you are doing it alone!! So when I met Jesus 10 years ago I started my own journey of figuring out that I had so much chaos (inside & out) and that my life was not everything God planned for me but then I realized that He did have a plan, so I started asking Him for a vision & that’s when things started to change. Believe me sister, I know this life can be lonely and stressful which is why I promised God that when I got through my own crazy mess I would help other Christian Women with what I learned along the way. I have also created a Facebook Community so we can support and encourage one another. I am praying for you sister and I am here for you whether it is on this Podcast, in the Facebook group or in a 1 on 1 Coaching Session.  BEAR ONE ANOTHER’S BURDENS AND SO FULFILL THE LAW OF CHRIST - Galatians 6:1 Go to HERHEALEDHEART.COM to find all the links OR Calendly.com/SamanthaBrownCoaching to set up your 1 on 1 coaching session.  May God Bless and Heal Your Heart!! read less
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Hey Girl Hey, In todays episode we talk about how to Organize Any Area in 4 steps PLUS extra tips to remember while decluttering and organizing. As a professional organizer this is what I do for my clients and now I am sharing with you how to do this for yourself. I believe that our home is a reflection of what is going on for us emotionally so decluttering our space is the first step but we also have to do the Emotional & Spiritual Decluttering if we want to be completely at peace when we are home. I don't know about you but if I organize but I am stressed then I can't even enjoy the my organized home so I wanted to start with an episode on how to declutter our homes. If you are stressed by the idea of this, girl I got you. Go to www.herhealedheart.com or go to www.calendly.com/samanthabrowncoaching/organize to set up your virtual organizing session so I can help you with your specific space. My goal is to walk through life with you so if you want to start with a discovery call to see if I can help you to clear your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual clutter in my 8 week program then please go to www.calendly.com/samanthabrowncoaching/consultation  Every persons needs are different but this is my 1 on 1 coaching program that is tailor made for your personal needs. Thank you so much for listening to this episode and remember if you have any thoughts, comments or episode ideas please email me at HerHealedHeart@gmail.com. I pray that as you go through your week God continues to Heal Your Heart!! Love ya sis, God Bless!!