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Episode 7: Episode 107: Lessons I learned from being a sidechick
Episode 7: Episode 107: Lessons I learned from being a sidechick
In this week's episode, we take a trip down memory lane and talk about my past mistakes and what lessons I learned from the decisions I made (or didn't make). Relationships have always been difficult for me and my ability to be detached from my emotions landed me in complicated situations (entanglements). There is one story that seems to come to mind whenever I reflect back on who I was then and who I am now, and that's the story of how I accidentally became a side chick. When I was 19 years old, I didn't know anything about love, dating, or what it means to value yourself and not compromise your morals for the sake of someone else’s happiness. At 19 I was lost, angry, and did not give af about consequences or repercussions. I hope that this story falls on the ears of someone who is looking for the light at the end of the tunnel and who doesn't let her past define her. Main Points: - Why I decided to be emotionally unavailable. - How did I accidentally become a sidechick? - How did that shape my view of relationships? - How did that shape my view of myself? - What lessons did I take away from that situation. - Where is he now? Promotion Listen to Last week's episode! I Need a Male Friend/ B. Simones Manifesting Love Challenge Listen on Spotify! Want to talk about it more? Hit me up on Twitter! Have a question? A short story you would like to share? Email me!