Episode 1 - The Missing Link in HSE

The Human Factor in HSE

21-10-2022 • 16 mins

Welcome to this first episode of our "The Human Factor in HSE"-podcast!

It is so important that we share as much information as humanly possible within the HSE-community to further develop already great work. In this episode Bjørn Jepsen, founder and CEO of WeFocus, takes us on a journey to show us the scope of HSE-work and how it is possible to send more people home safely, create significant cost savings, and to look like the HSE-Rockstars, we deserve to be viewed as.

To achieve the above we need to be aware of the missing link in HSE. This small thing will result in ridiculously greater achievements and can in fact be done quite easily. This first episode lays the foundation for understanding the missing link. Continue listening if you want to learn more.

We hope you enjoy this episode!

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