Episode 10 - Utilising all the great knowledge within HSE!

The Human Factor in HSE

10-01-2023 • 47 mins

In this episode Bjørn is guested by Michael Zalle, founder and CEO at The Yellow Bird Project.

In this episode Michael shows us how  each and every HSE professional has something unique and valuable to contribute to the field, and how this is the reason for the diversity of perspectives and skills that makes the HSE community so strong and effective in promoting safety and environmental responsibility.

In the podcast, Michael elaborates on The Yellow Bird Project and how it utilises this strong communitie’s potential and establishes the opportunity to use skills of HSE professionals to make a difference in their daily work and to help others while potentially earning extra income. The project is revolutionizing the way we approach HSE work, saving HSE professionals and organizations money and reducing travel time for a more sustainable future.

“When an old person dies, it is like losing a library"

Yet another strong quote from the podcast. Here Michael truly highlights the importance of leveraging the wealth of knowledge and experience within the HSE community. In order to stay safe, individuals must be able to draw upon their knowledge and experience to make informed decisions. If they are stressed or lack mental focus, they may make dangerous mistakes.

Listen to this podcast to learn from Michael's wisdom and to see how the future might be for HSE!

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