Episode 804 - Master Kellie Thomas

whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

10-04-2023 • 1 hr 15 mins

Master Kellie Thomas is a Martial Arts practitioner, instructor and founder of the Taekwondo K.I.C.K.S in Vermont.

The reason why I’m teaching is to help people increase their self confidence and self worth because I lacked that growing up. I would share to my older students that I was suicidal high school through college. Taekwondo SAVED my life…

Master Kellie Thomas - Episode 804

Our guest today started her journey as a young kid because her father wanted her to learn self-defense. Master Kellie Thomas felt like an outcast in her own school but in the dojo, she felt she belonged. Master Thomas struggled in her life as a suicidal and according to her, she was saved by Taekwondo. She has a passion for teaching and a dream of having her own Taekwondo class but it doesn’t become a reality later in her life. Presently, Master Thomas is an instructor and founder of the Taekwondo K.I.C.K.S in Vermont.

In this episode, Master Kellie Thomas talks about her journey into martial arts and how it helped her with life struggles. With the hardships she overcame in life, Master Kellie Thomas continues to impart her wisdom with children whenever she teaches. Listen to learn more!

Show notes

You may check out more about Master Kellie Thomas and her school at tkdkicks.net