Bart Mroz On Entrepreneurship, Web Development And The American Dream

Entrepreneur's Enigma

23-12-2021 • 13 mins

This is a special BONUS episode of the Entrepreneur’s Enigma podcast. Today we’re talking with a good friend of mine, Bart Mroz. Bart’s company Sumo Heavy Industries helps eCommerce brands build out their online systems and processes. Bart had always hustled and this hustle put him through college, at Temple University in Philadelphia, and has brought him to where he is today.

Bart is originally from Poland and came to the States when he was 12 in the early 1990s after the Berlin Wall fell. Talking to him, you’d never tell. He even says “Wuder!”

Bart’s company has grown to more than 30 people and is now completely remote after the 2019/2020 Covid Pandemic.

Find Bart Online:

Bart Mroz | LinkedIn
Bart Mroz (@bartmroz) / Twitter
SUMO Heavy (@sumoheavy) / Twitter

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