How to invest in AI | Ep.97

The Armchair Trader Podcast

29-10-2023 • 26 mins

This week we talk about the AI sector. We're joined by Chris Ganatti, WisdomTree's Global Head of Research, to look at the top AI stocks, what to look out for in the AI market and how you can actually invest in AI. Get our free weekly newsletter with stock tips and insight at 00:00 Is AI overhyped? 02:47 Why did ChatGPT get people excited? 05:54 Beyond Nvidia, the top 3 AI stocks: Microsoft, Tesla, Cadence, Synopsys 08:25 Who has the best AI tech right now? 09:52 How much will the AI market be worth by 2030? 12:05 Comparing AI to the 19th Century railway revolution 14:11 What will drive value in the AI sector? 16:49 Risks and losers 20:27 Hysterical headlines and government intervention 23:48 How do I actually invest in AI?