Nadir Meets:

Nadir Nahdi

Born out of recent events that have left many feeling estranged and alienated from the world around them, this LIVE podcast series presented by storyteller and filmmaker Nadir Nahdi explores the lives of diverse thought-leaders, creatives and artists who are stretching the confines of "culture". Nadir invites friends with a burning desire to make sense of their identity, work and place in a changing world. Investigating together what it means to be multi-hyphenated and multi-faceted.

By observing the unique circumstances these individuals had to face to get to where they're today, the podcast series provides waypoints so future generations have a reference to fuel their own creative potential. Nadir Meets is a also a LIVE event and focal point for community, inviting creatives across the city to meet, connect and grow together. For those that could not be there in person this podcast is for you!

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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