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Manitha Gauti

🙏 NAMASTE WORLD! 🙏 The zealians believe in inspiring and getting inspired. Every inspiration has its own story. And every story has love, trust, believe, passion, dream, happiness, achievements, struggles and patience. I'm excited to share my stories and bring you all those stories that inspired me and pushed me to believe in myself and my dreams..!!! I, Manitha Gauti, host of The Zeal Talk Podcast, is here to let live, love and light up the dream. I am getting you to tune in episodes of beauty, passion and that one line told by your inner voice which made you come out of your confront zone. read less


Ep:2 The Defining Moment!
Ep:2 The Defining Moment!
🙏NAMASTE WORLD🙏                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             In this episode of THE ZEAL TALK PODCAST with Manitha Gauti, our host speaks on how one needs to take a stand for themselves without thinking of anyone else. If one has zeal to do what is best and right for them, one should have a gut to succeed with no battle of thoughts on doing it or not. The universe is giving you a chance to prove yourself. Don’t say no..! Just go ahead and do it. People are here to speak, gossip and comment. One needs to take a stand for themselves and work towards what one thinks is right.                                                                                                                                            Where can you find us, The Zeal Talk sites:   INSTAGRAM: Manitha Gauti: @manitha07   The Zeal Talk: @thezealtalk ( )  FACEBOOK: THE ZEAL TALK PODCAST ( )