Flipping Miami

Raul Bolufe

Picture yourself succeeding in Real Estate Investing. Whether it is wholesale, fix and flip, cash flow, buy and hold, Lease Options, Online marketing, and more. Now picture learning from people who are doing it and have done Massive amounts of it. This show is here to deliver what is working in Real Estate investing. How to improve your business, numbers, mindset, and life. Here it is through the lens of me who started investing in Real Estate at 21 years old and has sold hundreds of properties in South Florida. The brain needs proof, not promises. In this podcast, I am dedicated to showing as much REAL proof in flipping properties and all the strategies involved. No money, no credit, flipping, renting, leasing, and more. Whether you are a beginner on investing or have a business you will benefit from the experience of these top-level investors read less