The Noble Cringe Podcast

Peter Hasford, Zion Lamb

ABOUT THIS PODCAST:  Now you may be wondering, "What's this Podcast about though?" Well to answer that question shortly: A family-friendly, comedy/storytime podcast, where two friends (Peter Hasford, and Zion Lamb) and a whole lot of guests get together to talk about irl experiences and make bad puns. WHOS IN IT?:  This is a shared podcast between "famous" YouTubers, musicians, and influencers Peter Hasford and CringyCat Studios, they will be hosting this "work of art". It will not just be these two people on the show though, no, we will have many guests ranging from Musicians to Gamers and even a CrossFit Coach who will all show up as we enjoy the ride that is "The Noble Cringe Podcast!" read less