In this episode, we break down the character of Cornelius Fudge. Enjoy!


·     2:06 Who is Cornelius Fudge? From the page on Fandom, we can deduce that he is either half-blood or pure-blood, he either Irish or British, and he is married. Most importantly, he was named most stylish wizard of the year in 1995. We don’t know that much about him, but the most important trait of his character is the fact that he was the Minister of Magic from 1990 – 96.

·      4:56 What role does he play in the story? This isn’t a strait forward answer because it changes. In the second book, he arrests Hagrid knowing he was innocent which isn’t really a good start. However, in the third book he was a nice guy and helped Harry out. In the fourth book, the Triwizard tournament was a factor that was unforeseen, and Fudge was worried that Harry was going to die. The fifth book was the time when he really became nasty. He didn’t believe that Voldemort was back and was stopping Dumbledore and Harry from fighting back. He really didn’t do much after that.

·      13:16 What are his strengths? First, he knows how to handle being in the public eye. He has learned how to play the media. He is also a smart guy and he got the Minister position for a reason. Finally, he is empathetic, though it might not come through so well.

·      15:42 What are his weaknesses? The major one is he lets fear control him. He was too focused on making sure the population wouldn’t believe Dumbledore and Harry, and he was too caught up in the fear that Voldemort might return to see the truth: that he already had.

·      17:56 Was Fudge a positive or negative force? Throughout the years, he was swinging back and forth between positive and negative. Overall, however, he was a negative. He made Voldemort’s life so much easier by putting the Ministry between Dumbledore and his plans.

·      24:10 What could he have done better? First, he should have trusted Dumbledore. Dumbledore was the person who knew the most and had all the answers, and Fudge refused to reach out. Image if Dumbledore had access to the power of the Ministry. Finally, Fudge was controlled by fear. He was terrified that Voldemort was really back, and that fear blinded him to the greater problem.

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