#75 - What is Product and what does a Product Manager do? (Sam Corcos & Lenny Rachitsky)

LEVELS – A Whole New Level

17-02-2022 • 46 mins

Levels CEO, Sam Corcos, sat down with Lenny Rachitsky, an early team member of Airbnb and one of our Levels investors. Sam and Lenny deconstructed the idea of a PM, Product Manager, as well as what it means and what are some of the implications of having PMs across a company.

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(05:34) - Tasks of a product manager
(09:45) - Develop a product sense
(12:24) - Refocus priorities and get soft and fuzzy
(17:07) - A great PM makes life easier
(21:37) - Pave the road for the team
(30:41) - Get up to speed through repetition and a good mentor
(34:35) - Gradually bring in engineers
(38:43) - Keep your eye on the problem
(40:54) - Act as moderator

Transcripts & Show Notes

Watch the Video – https://youtu.be/arNu6KOTmOg

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