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This podcast will seek to educate listeners about college sports recruiting and the work necessary to to be recruited. We will dive into the mindset and motivation that it takes to succeed. I will share life lessons and real remedies that will help give you perspective. I hope to teach others how to grow and blow up through grinding through the tough times. Bringing a positive light to black fatherhood is something that means the world to me and it’s something I want to share with the world. This podcast is dedicated to my late father and our daily discussions about life and family. read less
Real Talk Tuesday
Real Talk Tuesday
. Ready to unlock your full potential? πŸ’₯ Join Coach Hayes, your host and motivator in the "Unlock Your Full Potential: The Ultimate Mindset Shift" video! This video is not just about business growth and entrepreneurship, but also about stress management, self-care, and overall well-being. Dive deep into practical strategies, actionable tips, and authentic conversations, all designed to help you level up in life and business. πŸš€ In this episode, Coach Hayes gets real about the importance of putting your dreams first, be it in business, relationships, or personal growth. He emphasizes on the importance of nurturing your gift and not letting anything distract you from your path. He also sheds light on the impact of relationships on your life and aspirations, providing valuable insights that you can apply right away.🀝 Don't just sit there! Make a move this Monday, take a wellness break on Wednesday, and join us every week for more empowering content. Subscribe to the channel for regular tips on business development, business efficiency, and overall well-being. Let's chase dreams, grow, and thrive together! πŸ’ΌπŸŒ±πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Tune in, absorb the wisdom, and remember to share your thoughts in the comments. Your journey to unlocking your full potential starts here. Let's get going! πŸ’ͺ🎯 CHAPTERS: 00:00 - Introduction and Welcome 03:44 - Importance of Action 10:32 - Business and Athlete Training 16:26 - Hayes Sports Performance 22:12 - Media and Politics Discussion 32:15 - Critique of Political System 38:21 - Relationships and Prioritizing Goals 49:53 - Following One's Gift 51:39 - Conclusion and Call to Action