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calm: extending compassion
calm: extending compassion
Deeper feelings of fondness for others make us feel happier and improve our relationships—In this audio, we’ll grow our hearts by nurturing our compassion and empathy for those around us. 🌸💗This exercise is especially helpful whenever you're having a hard time connecting with someone due to anger or frustration. My therapist first shared this script with me a few years ago—it helped me feel lifted, free, and connected.🎧Animated audio (YouTube):📝Background:This Loving-Kindness Meditation script was adapted the work of researcher Emma Seppala, Science Director of Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, published by Berkley's "Greater Good in Action" Initiative:🔎Interesting study to check out:"Loving-Kindness and Compassion Meditation: Potential for Psychological Interventions""When combined with empirically supported treatments, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, loving-kindness meditation may provide potentially useful strategies for targeting a variety of different psychological problems that involve interpersonal processes, such as social anxiety, marital conflict, anger, and coping with the strains of long-term caregiving.—Stefan G. Hofmann, Ph.D., Paul Grossman, and Devon E. Hinton🌸💗Thanks friend.Write to me! Let me know what you think about Bliss Note and what you'd like to see from the show :) Bliss Note on Instagram