#1631: A Soundwalk with Ounce

One Thing Today

25-08-2022 • 15 mins

Whilst I do say hello at the beginning of this episode, this is mostly a non-verbal podcast. I've been particularly enjoying listening to the sounds of my hillside recently—standing at my gate or walking out into the field up to the Caterpillar of Oaks has been very calming I wanted to try and capture some of that peace and calmness for you and so decided I'd try my hand at making you a soundwalk. Ounce joined me for the walk and George and Louise make a guest appearance towards the end. Below are some timestamps to help you follow along. I'd recommend listening with headphones if you can. *** 01:56 - Starting the walk 02:31 - Ounce joins me at the top of the garden steps 03:11 - Ounce jumps through the gate into the field 03:18 - I climb over the gate into the field 03:31 - I start to walk up the hill towards the Caterpillar of Oaks 03:55 - Ounce starts to follow me 05:35 - We enter the Caterpillar of Oaks 06:34 - Finding somewhere to sit 06:51 - Sitting with Ounce as he circles the microphone and purrs 07:27 - Deciding to head home before the rain arrives 07:51 - Taking Ounce's photo 08:01 - Walking down the hill 08:22 - Ounce decides to follow me 08:52 - Ounce passes me 10:07 - At the gate (Ounce chews some grass) 10:57 - I climb over the gate back into my garden 12:00 - Pausing at the top of the garden steps with Ounce 12:11 - Deciding it's time for a cup of tea 12:18 - Walking down the garden steps 12:37 - Meeting Louise and George 13:34 - Ending the walk