Why You Can't Just Block UK and EU Visitors, Customers, or Any UK or EU Traffic Under GDPR (Season 2 Episode 90)

Everything Email Marketing

09-12-2022 • 5 mins

With the UK adopting their own UK GDPR following Brexit, it’s important to understand that you can’t just block from your website people coming in from the EU or the UK. As we have mentioned in other articles on GDPR compliance, GDPR specifically prohibits the automated profiling of individuals, including of their online identifiers or locations, which means that it is a violation of GDPR to note, in an automated fashion, from what region in the world they are surfing over to your website.

Prefer to read it instead of listen to it?  Do that here: https://www.isipp.com/blog/why-you-cant-just-block-eu-visitors-eu-customers-or-any-eu-traffic-under-gdpr/

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