Pausing and overcoming the past w/ Allison Marlowe

Make Your Difference podcast

30-06-2021 • 34 mins

Welcome to the show!

The Make Your Difference Podcast is for people focused on making their difference and optimising their own and others' wellbeing and learning. If that's you - stay tuned! I'm talking to a range of different people, who share their thoughts and ideas.

Today's episode is with Allison Marlowe, founder of The Art Of Pause. With many years of experience in running wellbeing organisations, Allison has a lot to share.

Listen out for:
>Why pausing matters to us all
>Why being busy can be an excuse for not dealing with what really matters
>Why we all need to take care of ourselves
>Why different people respond differently to challenging situations
> Her thoughts on why trauma with a little "t" affects us all

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