The Lying Child!

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07-06-2022 • 27 mins

Lying is normal and a natural part of a child’s development. To them, it is a simple way to fix their problems. When discussing with children and they lie, there are three questions that you should pay attention to. These are; Why do children lie? What’s normal? And how do we teach honesty to our kids? These questions help you get better at parenting.

In the moments when your kids lie, use it as a way to prepare yourself from becoming overly emotional and digging deep into figuring why. Learn the reasons why kids will lie and how you can promote honesty and good morals in your child’s growth.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

[00:46] Today’s focus

[01:15] Storytime- My lying daughter

[04:20] Why do kids lie?

[04:27] # Avoidance of doing stuff

[05:44] # Because of their parent’s reaction

[06:58] # Fear of disappointments

[08:58] # To avoid punishments

[12:53] # Societal pressures

[15:01] # Because mommy and daddy does it

[17:56] # Mental illness

[20:38] How do we teach honesty to our kids

[26:32] Episode wrap up and calls to action

Notable Quotes

● “It is completely normal for your children to lie.”

● “When making home rules, ensure they are age appropriate.”

● “Model the behavior you want to see in your children. Your kids are always watching your actions and morals.”

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