Tantrums: Everything You Need To Know

The Motivated Mama Podcast

26-07-2022 • 34 mins

Toddlers can be unpredictable. They can become upset and anxious at any time. It is best to understand the causes, avoid them, and manage them well. These tantrums are a normal part of development and learning. Join this conversation as we talk about tantrums among toddlers and effective strategies to help keep the child's temper in check and put them at ease. You will be equipped with well-designed tacts, strategies, and techniques that can improve your relationship with the child over time.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

[00:40] Today’s focus; Tantrums in toddlers

[03:00] Storytime- experiencing tantrums with my son

[04:40] What is a tantrum?

[06:00] When do we see tantrums in a child's development

[06:44] Reasons why tantrums happen in toddlers

[12:21] Why do we need to understand tantrums

[13:11] Can tantrums be avoided?

[17:00] Steps you can take to reduce tantrums

[21:50] Best ways to handle tantrums

[29:30] Use tantrums to teach kids the names of emotion

[31:15] Limits and boundaries in your parenting journey

[33:01] Episode wrap-up and calls to action

Notable Quotes

  • “Tantrums happen in toddlers due to their inability to communicate.”
  • “ Tantrums are an opportunity to teach the names of emotions to your toddler.”
  • “As much as you should sympathize with your kid's tantrums, stay consistent and stand on your limits and boundaries.”
  • “ Model the appropriate behaviours you want to see in your kids.”

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