Normalize Emotions In Children: How To Respond To Different Feelings

The Motivated Mama Podcast

12-07-2022 • 27 mins

Kids aren’t happy all the time. They have a million emotions that they don’t know what to do with, how to regulate, or put words to the feelings majority of the time, but we discredit that. Children have been silenced for many years. They are not allowed to feel anything or be human beings because they are children.

This is not okay. Recognizing that children have the same emotions that we’ve and giving them the right to the feeling they have is the way to create change. Just because their world is different from our world doesn’t mean their feeling doesn’t exist.

Join the conversation with your host Sydney Ross as she shares how you can normalize emotions and feelings for your children, how to manage those emotions, and what we can do to help them as parents and help ourselves

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

[00:01] Introduction to the show

[00:48] Today’s focus: Normalizing Emotions in Children

[01:24]Storytime: The Shoe with different emotions and its message

[05:08] Recognizing that your kid has the same feeling as you do

[07:10] How we discredit childrenfrom having feelings

[08:36] Trauma and how it shows up in the way we respond to our kids' emotions

[10:46] The impact of discrediting and silencing children's feelings

[13:05] What to do as a parent to help your kid and yourself

[23:50] How to normalize emotions and feelings for your children

[28:08] Your homework and resources to help you achieve your goal

[26:44] Episode wrap-up and calls to action

Steps to take to Help your kids manage their emotions

●       If you feel triggered by your kid's emotions, get help and heal your inner child (13:08)

●      Listen to your child and help them feel heard (14:13)

●      Coregulate and practice calming strategies with them (15:55)

●      Give space and time for them to come back on track (18:08)

●      Take time to leave it alone (19:16)

●      Problem solve; come up with the solutions to the problem (22:01)

Notable Quotes

●      “It’s okay for kids to have feelings.”

●      “Just because something is normal does not mean it’s okay.”

●      “One thing we as adults forget is that children have the same feelings as we’ve.”

●      “Kids are not robots that walk around positive all the time; they have a million emotions that they don’t know what to do with them .”

●      “Healing your inner child will help you help your child manage their emotions.”

●      “You can’t be a great parent if you are a Jack to yourself.”

●      “It’s your job as a parent to help your kids manage the things in their life, so they feel less stressed and heard.”

●      “Sometimes, you just need a mental break and take a healthy...