Back Talk: How To Hold Back

The Motivated Mama Podcast

19-07-2022 • 32 mins

Discipline is an important part of raising a child. It's the parent's responsibility to teach the child right from wrong and help develop their character. But what if your child back talks and you don't want to resort to hitting or yelling at them? Backtalk is a persistent problem for many parents. This type of behavior consists of challenging authority and being disrespectful. Children need to learn how to behave, and the only way for that to happen is for us parents to set boundaries and enforce them.

Join this conversation and learn how you can set healthy boundaries to handle backtalk and peacefully discipline your children. It can be dealt with in a number of ways without resorting to physical or emotional punishment.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

[00:40] Episode intro and today's focus

[01:33] Storytime- experiencing backtalk with my kids

[03:03] What is backtalk?

[06:20] Using a respectful tone when interacting with your kids

[09:28] Allowing them to have some control of their lives at appropriate phases

[12:33] Showing them that their opinions matter

[15:47] How to handle backtalk using positive parenting

[16:07] Accept their feelings while limiting their behavior

[20:31] Take responsibility for your actions

[21:27] Find solutions to problems together

[24:25] How to prevent backtalk in the future among your kids

[24:40] Model the behavior you want

[25:54] Be consistent

[26:55] Pick your battles

[30:11] Golden nuggets from the episode and calls to action

Notable Quotes

  • “Every parent should evaluate the behaviors they have towards their children.”
  • “The more frustrated we are when solving issues with our kids, the more negativity intensifies.”
  • “Kids are more likely to remain faithful to solutions they participated in contributing.”
  • “Model the appropriate behaviors you want to see in your kids.”



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