Connecting with Your Child

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24-05-2022 • 37 mins

Connecting with your child is so important. This is because you will be the number one relationship they will have from conception to death. However, parenting, building relationships, and connecting with your child don’t always come naturally for everybody. This can seem to grow more and more difficult the older your children become. Join today’s conversation as we talk more about how to connect with your child, no matter their age or time. Parenting is different for everybody.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

[00:40] Today’s focus; Connecting with your child

[03:23] Storytime- How connecting with my daughter has been difficult sometimes

[06:44] Connecting with your kid during pregnancy through music

[11:31] # Through pregnancy journal

[14:03] Creating parental bonds during infancy and newborn

[14:30] # Through touch

[16:05] # Create a routine with your baby

[18:01] # Be attentive to their cries

[19:20] Toddler years

[20:34] # Create fun traditions

[23:18] # Engage them in play and let them win

[25:53] # Be silly and let your guard down

[27:00] Adolescence and teenage years

[27:54] # Be the example you want to see in your kids

[29:18] # “Date” your child

[31:18] Key golden nuggets from the episode

[35:16] Episode wrap up and calls to action

Notable Quotes

● “Playing with your kids gives you the opportunity to be a kid again.”

● “Live the life you want to see in your children.”

● “A better way to connect with your adolescent kids is to “date” them.”

● “ Your kids are growing. Every step you miss in their life can be detrimental.”

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