The Fourth Trimester: More Than Baby Blues; How To Navigate Postpartum Depression

The Motivated Mama Podcast

21-06-2022 • 34 mins

Postpartum is a very sensitive and vital time to any mom, but most of the time, people are so excited about the baby that they forget about the mother. The dramatic physical changes and the sudden drop of hormones after giving birth can lead to postpartum depression anywhere from six weeks to three years after birthing. The changes are biological, but they show up is like a diagnosis. Your body is trying to reprogram, and your mind is trying to keep up with the imbalance. What happens during postpartum is often not talked about enough, and this denies new moms the support that they need when the baby comes home.

Join the conversation with your host Sydney as she shares how you can plan your postpartum and ensure that you have all the support you need in the fourth trimester. Learn what it’s that you need to feel supported and be supported to get through the fourth trimester from people who have been there.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

[00:01] Introduction to the show

[00:49] Today’s focus: The postpartum period/fourth trimester

[02:37] Storytime: Sidney’s postpartum experience

[08:00] The importance of discussing how to get through the fourth trimester

[09:04] Postpartum depression, when it shows up, and how long it can last

[10:23] The root and the cause of postpartum depression

[11:06] The difference between postpartum and the baby blues

[15:59] Steps to take when you have postpartum depression

[18:09] Results from a Facebook survey from moms who have gone through postpartum

[28:59] How to take advantage of therapy to manage your postpartum

[31:00] Great resources available to help you in your postpartum journey

[33:40] Episode wrap up and calls to action

Notable Quotes

  • “Be honest about your postpartum stress to get the help that you actually need.”
  • “New moms in postpartum need more support and less judgment.”
  • “Baby’s need their bond with the other partner as well, not just with moms.”
  • “Therapy can help you manage and heal versus relying on drugs.”

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