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How to find love even if you're the least social human on earth. Join me in learning how to date out of your league and find success...without needing to be a confident extrovert. Wannabe PUAs and Alpha bros, GTFO. This isn't for you. This is a living exploration of how to be honest and still get the woman (or man) you want. And what actually matters if you're looking to establish financial independence. Proven tools from the schools of psychology, counseling, neurology, CBT, IFS/partswork, shamanism, and more. New episodes every Thurs 8:00 am Pacific. Support this podcast: read less
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157 - (Interview) Breaking The ‘Nice Guy’ Curse w/ Ashley Cox, founder @NiceGuyReformSchool
157 - (Interview) Breaking The ‘Nice Guy’ Curse w/ Ashley Cox, founder @NiceGuyReformSchool
What's up baddies. Got a sizzling hot take from our guest today Ashley Cox. In this episode: What keeps nice guys trapped in a cycle of endless painful relationships?How this relationship dynamic forces women to occupy a masculine role (that they hate!)How to stop your partner from unconsciously manipulating you and ignoring your boundariesThe easiest way to shed your nice guy tendencies and start showing up powerfully and attractively masculine in relationships...And more...  Ashley Cox helps "nice guys" from the bedroom to the boardroom. She uses neurolinguistic programming and her 10+ year background in trauma and teaching to help ‘nice guys’ find and have healthier love and more wealth. In addition to blowing womens' minds, her clients have gone from $40,000 - 100,000 and 3,000,000 - 10,000,0000 in a few months after tackling subconscious blocks of fear, doubt, shame, guilt, anger, self-love deficit disorder and pain with her. Instagram: Facebook: TikTok: Youtube Channel: Private Facebook Group: Schedule a Consultation: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: