The HOPEcast: Unveiling Taboo Truths

The HOPE Docs

Welcome to The HOPEcast, where we dive deep into the world of Holistic Ortho-Pelvic Experiences! Join our team of expert Doctors of Physical Therapy as they fearlessly tackle taboo topics surrounding pelvic health. In each episode, we explore the intersection of body, mind, and spirit, shedding light on the importance of treating the WHOLE person in addition to the pelvic region. With insightful guest interviews and captivating conversations, we uncover mysteries, misconceptions, and breakthroughs in client experiences and treatment approaches. As a special treat, our owners will bring you The Simm Files, a subseries where they share their experiences with love, marriage, parenting, business ownership, home ownership, and more. Their perspective adds a touch of authenticity and relatability which creates a safe space for open and honest discussions. The HOPEcast aims to educate, empower, and inspire individuals on their own holistic ortho-pelvic journey. Whether you’re seeking knowledge as a provider, support as a listener, or simply curious about the world of pelvic health, tune in to The HOPEcast and discover the transformative power of embracing this experience. read less
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