Mastering Christianity

RJ Edwin

Welcome to Mastering Christianity, the podcast that delves deep into theological education and addresses modern-day Christianity's challenges. If you're a Christian seeking a deeper understanding of your faith or grappling with questions about its teachings and beliefs, this podcast is tailored just for you. Explore Theological Education: Join me as I embark on this journey to explore why the modern-day church is Theologically illiterate. I'll dive into the historical-cultural context that most Christians ignore, examine the Biblical text with proper contextual analysis, and use the tools for appropriate interpretation. I aim to equip you with the knowledge and tools to navigate complex theological concepts, empowering you to grow in your theological education. Challenging Traditions of Man: At Mastering Christianity, I pride myself on breaking away from the traditions created by man that may have overshadowed the essence of Christianity. My approach consists of encouraging critical thinking and questioning in the pursuit of a more authentic understanding of the faith. Get ready to challenge conventional perspectives and embrace an understanding of how the ancient Hebrew writers would have seen and understood the world. After all, their context is not our context. For Christians of All Ages: Whether you're a seasoned Christian with decades of experience or a curious seeker just starting your spiritual journey, this podcast is designed for every stage of your faith. I believe continuous learning and exploration are essential in strengthening your understanding of the theological concepts found in the Biblical text. Remember, the key to Mastering Christianity lies in accepting unquestioningly and learning deeply. read less
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