Jacksonville Jags top 10 team in the NFL?!?!? | The Sportsroom Courtroom | S2 Case 03

The Sportsrooom Courtroom Podcast

09-10-2022 • 24 mins

You see the title! The courtroom is back and with a great question per usual! The Jacksonville Jaguars have really turned everything around. After a disappointing season last year, they have come back with a great start to this season. They are looking good... well almost too good so the question needs to be asked: "Are they really a top 10 team in the NFL right now?".

CBS Sports & other sites believe so since their take on the NFL power rankings places the Jags at 9. Some other sites have the Jags cracking the top 10 as well.

When our team over at Sportsroom Courtroom saw this our new face @CJarena11 said yes they deserve the top 10 ranking @Branonsechan4 says no way dude The rookie vs the vet... Who do you believe won? What do you think? Are the Jacksonville Jaguars really a top 10 team in the NFL right now?