He Won't Fix What You Won't Face

So Much More w/Koy McDermott

14-12-2020 • 5 mins

This year has been one of those years. This may be the first time that a saying like that doesn’t have to be explained much. I received a call a few days back that my mother was feeling a few chest pains and decided to go to the doctor. They ran a few tests, did a cat scan, and thankfully she was told that everything came back negative. Only a few short days later they asked her to come back in and they believed they saw something abnormal on her liver. After more tests and a couple of MRIs later, what was a “let me stop by the doctor to be sure” has now turned into her having to undergo surgery. The topic I want to speak about this morning is the topic of faith and how we can overcome the uncertainties of life.

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