Ask the tough questions in your career and sales cycles | Jenna Scapinello Sr. Sales Manager @ Vidyard

Meeting Mastery by SalesQ

10-04-2023 • 14 mins

Ryan Frampton talks to Jenna Scapinello who is now a Sr. Sales Manager at Vidyard about how to land an Account Executive promotion and how important referrals were during her journey from BDR to Sr. Manager. This journey only took Jenna a little over 3 years and she is now overseeing 4 sales teams at Vidyard. Jenna also talks about what the most successful AEs in her department are doing on their calls and provides practical examples of how to ask the tough questions to your prospects. Ryan Frampton then shares how fried chicken played a role in him getting his first Head of Sales gig at HyperComply.

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