Lessons learned as a Sales Leader | Kevin "KD" Dorsey the SVP of Sales at Bench

Meeting Mastery by SalesQ

30-04-2023 • 15 mins

Kevin "KD" Dorsey comes on the Meeting Mastery podcast to talk about the most challenging moments from his sales career. He talks about everything from how to motivate your sales team to the specific questions to ask when interviewing sales reps. Of course, it wouldn't be the Meeting Mastery podcast if he didn't share a tip for all the sellers out there. KD shares why it's important to guide your prospects through the buying process and help them communicate with their CFOs. If you want to get more KD wisdom check out his new Deal Management course, I recently purchased it and found it very valuable: https://www.salesleadershipaccelerator.com/offers/FoSurjqc/checkout

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