Love, Sex & Frankie

Beautiful Chaos Productions

A hilarious original, sitcom podcast about the highs and lows of dating, love, sex, trying to "tick the boxes", and the elusive quest to find "The One"

Frankie is very single-ish, extremely cynical of modern dating, waiting for "The One", and trying desperately to tick all the boxes; nab 'her person', get married, start her own family, make her parents proud, and get out from underneath the heavy burden of the dark single girl cloud hanging over her head. But when she turns 35, is reminded that she hasn't ticked the boxes yet, and her life plan goes awry, she's slingshot into a whole new reality of singleness, sexual freedom, dating, searching for "The One", and ultimately finding herself.

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Love, Sex & Frankie is an original, sitcom podcast (comedy fiction).

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