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289: The Fat Lady Has Sung
289: The Fat Lady Has Sung
Welp, that's it. The Giants are all but mathematically eliminated from postseason contention after losing 3 of 4 in Colorado, both games in Arizona and the first game in LA. They are also under .500 with 9 games remaining against the Dodgers and Padres and have a very good chance at finishing the season with more losses than wins, something that seemed unlikely when they were 13 games above .500 and 2.5 games back of the Dodgers in July. This has been one of the biggest second half collapses by the Giants that we can remember. It was fueled by poor hitting, mediocre pitching, no speed, and poor defense. For some odd reason, it also manifested itself on the road, where the Giants have won only 5 of their last 31 games, their worst stretch since 1902. Yeah, that's historic. We talk about what went wrong, and how the Giants really had to TRY to not get into the postseason. Think about it. Even going 10-21 in those road games would have them in a spot right now. Heck 13-18 would have put them 5 games in the lead along with Philly right now. It's just incredible how this team has imploded. Even the national perspective has shunned the style of Giants ball (see Tom Verducci's article in Also, Brandon Craword goes back on the IL for the fourth time, and is eligible to come off and play on October 1, their last game of the season. Let's all go to Oracle and send him off in a positive way, should this be the end of his Giants' career. Man, what this season could have