S1E1. Living In Clip (Ani Difranco, 1997)- Part 1

Double Lives

03-08-2020 • 1 hr 18 mins

Welcome to Double Lives, a podcast about live albums. James Hearne and Dan Drago will take you on a deep dive into some of the best live albums out there. With two lifetimes of touring, playing live, and listening to way too many records in the van, Dan and James will help answer the questions: Should I own this record? Should it be the only one I own? What makes this live record so special, anyways?

Right out the gate, we start our two-part look at the 1997 album 'Living In Clip' by Ani Difranco. James and Dan highlight the songs, talk about how this record and Ani's music made a big impact on them growing up in Western NY, and how her live shows were unique, vibrant, and a lesson in how the personal is often the political.