RTK: Fixing the Chiefs' defense without Earl Thomas, 9/24/18

Roughing the Kicker

25-09-2018 • 48 mins

Joshua Brisco explains why the Kansas City Chiefs can fix their defense without meeting the asking price for Earl Thomas and why one name deserves to come up in conversation once again. Plus, hear from Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, Justin Houston and Xavier Williams about a wide variety of topics. Also, the national media is hopping on the hype train, and Beards McFly has found the highlights from Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and The Dan Le Batard Show as Patrick Mahomes and his weapons become a topic of national conversation.

Keywords: Kansas City Chiefs, Joshua Brisco, Patrick Mahomes, Roughing the Kicker, football, NFL, Andy Reid, Eric Berry, Earl Thomas, Tyreek Hill, Almost Entirely Sports.

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