Ep57 Offensive OU Offense, OSU Still Rolling, NFL Keeps Us Guessing and Baseball

Sports Allegedly

02-11-2023 • 1 hr 50 mins

WELCOME! WELCOME! WELCOME! to episode 57 of Sports Allegedly! 2 thirds of the crew went to the OU vs Kansas game and got a first hand view of Jeff Lebby play calling. Oh as the storms rolled in all hope of a national title rolled out. And Coach Teeth grew into a rage looking for Urban Meyer and then tried his hand at drunken play calling before passing out in Sports Candy's car for the long haul back to Kansas City. Tulsa gets slaughtered and we hope they can still make a bowl. OK State keeps their pistols firing. We discuss there not being many interesting NCAA football games coming up. The refs making bad calls against defenses. NFL and the Denver Donkeys getting the Chief monkey off their backs. Injuries killing team momentums. Creston's Fantasy Football Hell. Fishing in the "Perfect Storm" on lake Eufala. Kenny trying to justify any of his opinions and Shawn just wanting to talk about Brock Purdy getting healthy.

Creston almost wins at Fishing.
Shawn is sore from two days of Disc Golf.
Kenny pooped his pants on the football trip.