The Quiet Ones in the Room - Leadership & Workplace Culture with Sarah Horton

Authenticity - Transforming Workplace Culture

28-09-2023 • 59 mins

Sarah Horton, a senior leader at Mars, is an inspiring leader, a culture shaper, and a natural story teller. Her leadership journey has spanned continents, cultures, and challenges. Sarah shares insightful leadership lessons and her reflections on the dynamics of workplace culture in a riveting conversation that fosters learning and sparks self-reflection.

Sarah's enchanting experiences from training in Switzerland to leading a team in Korea, and her current role at Mars, all contribute to the rich tapestry of her leadership journey. Her story underscores the value of investing in training, embracing the challenges of leadership, and the critical role of adaptability in varying cultural environments. We discuss the importance of including quiet voices in decision-making, creating a psychologically safe environment, and the family-like culture within Mars Petcare.

We also highlight how understanding the intricate data behind an organisation's culture can paint a comprehensive picture of the work environment. And for those eager to further hone their leadership skills, we chat about Real Learning's smorgasbord of events and programs that promise intellectual stimulation and growth. Join us in this enriching journey that explores leadership, workplace culture, and so much more!

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