Advice You Can Trust - Episode 3 (What Makes a Good Wealth Manager Great)

Advice You Can Trust

22-04-2021 • 22 mins

In the newest installment of Advice You Can Trust, James and Ryan unpack the essential elements a great wealth manager should possess.

There are countless financial planners and wealth managers in the world that possess the highest-level of financial understandings attainable. However, it's the great wealth managers that have more than just an understanding of dollars and cents. It's their understanding of the human element that sets them apart.

Listen as James addresses the importance of implementing the human element into all of his client interactions. Only by connecting with clients on a personal level, and ultimately understanding their core values and goals, can he provided true strategies and solutions for better positioning their financial well-being.

Once again, sit back and enjoy another enlightening conversation surrounding the importance of connecting on a human level during these financial conversations.


00:05 - Introduction and welcoming James Nichols onto the show

01:34 - Why affluent families should be demanding more from their advisors

03:02 - The missing link with most financial advisors

04:30 - What is the human element and why is it important?

09:02 - Overview on stress testing and how the human element plays a role within it

010:46 - Instances where a stress test doesn't reveal any problems at all

13:23 - How James assess whether a wealth manager truly integrates the human element into their approach

15:40 - What James wants to see in an advisor he would choose to work with

17:00 - What a thorough discovery process looks like

19:20 - Additional aspects worth noting when it comes to integrating the human element into wealth management

21:30 - Closing remarks

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