365 Days (2020)


07-05-2021 • 2 hrs 8 mins

Jump on the nearest yacht with Daisy and Clare to talk all things 365 Days, the Polish erotic romantic drama film released on Netflix last year.

The girls talk about the film, locations, controversy, sexual politics and also their favourite 'sexy' films.

Contributions from: Jimi Fletcher

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6.00 Sex in films/foreign films

11.52 The influence of visual media on audiences

13.36 Female pleasure on screens

16.14 Our views on the film

23.00 Plot

1.00.10 Yacht scenes

1.20.35 Voice memo from Jimi Fletcher

1.22.55 Controversy and release

1.25.00 Kidnap fantasies & sexual politics

1.35.00 Petitions for removal

1.42.00 The Clare cut

1.43.30 Trivia/Music

1.45.52 Sequels

1.50.10 Reviews

1.54.59 Daisy and Clare's favourite 'sexy' movies