RONZHEIMER. – Politics and War

Paul Ronzheimer

“Ronzheimer.” – the english version of the podcast by and with journalist and war reporter Paul Ronzheimer. Paul reports from war and crisis regions from all around the world, meeting politicians, soldiers, and resistance fighters. He gets closer than almost anyone else – and was awarded Journalist of the Year 2022 for this. In In his show, he takes you along into his never predictable, crazy, and sometimes very dangerous life. In each episode he reports directly from the front line, from the president's palace – or from his hotel room while having a glass of red wine. Paul gives you insights into the most important events in the world, whether in Ukraine, Israel, or elsewhere in the world, and tells you what the reporter's life does to him personally.  Paul provides you with interviews and analyses in "Ronzheimer.", sheds light on the background, and is always live on site – subscribe to the podcast and never miss an episode again. This Podcast was translated with the help of AI. read less