E197: Experiencing A Harmonious Living With Nina Camille

Life Well Lived.

01-06-2021 • 28 mins

Nina Camille is a transformational facilitator, teacher, space-holder, coach, author, yoga instructor, retreat leader and movement artist. She is the creator + leader of Experience Freedom, a 14-week online group program plus luxury retreat for men and women to radically open and discover the truth of who they are in a safe, expansive and loving container. Her passion lies in guiding people to true inner freedom, deeper connection + authenticity in a way that is practical, sustainable, and miracle-inducing. Nina would be sharing insights on why putting yourself first before others is important for your total wellbeing, signs of hurting inner child and why it is absolutely normal and okay to experience it; self-care tips; being a space-holder to her clients,and much more. Get ready for another disruptive discussion as Omobola takes on Nina Camille on Life well lived. Tune in. NINA CAMILLE https://experiencefreedom.co https://ninacamille.com