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The Ohio State Buckeyes have one of college football's most fervent and loyal fanbases. Buckeye Talk: Ohio State podcast by cleveland.com allows fans to stay current with team news. It also celebrates the accomplishments of OSU's impressive athletics program. This podcast is most certainly by, and for, OSU fans. Cleveland.com is the website for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. That iconic newspaper has reported on the Columbus college football team since its beginning. So this show benefits from its reporting. The podcast discusses Ohio college football, basketball, and other team sports and news.

The podcast's hosts are Nathan Baird, Andrew Gillis, and Stephen Means. Baird is the senior member of the team and has been a journalist since 1996. Before being an OSU beat reporter, he worked at notable publications such as the Chicago Tribune. A sports reporter since 2018, Gillis wrote about the Cincinnati Bengals for a season. He has provided reporting for NBC Sports on the Washington Capitals and Wizards. Means began his career as a sports journalist in 2015 for The Record-Courier. While the other hosts focus on football, Means also reports on OSU basketball. He joined the Cleveland.com podcast team in 2018.

One of the best things about Buckeye Talk is its thoroughness. New episodes of the podcast air throughout the year. This means that fans can easily find team news from the preseason to the postseason. This is beneficial for listeners who have college fantasy leagues.

It is also helpful that the podcast covers both football and basketball. Because some of the hosts have been reporting on OSU for several years, the teams know them. This helps them to get interviews with coaches and players, such as O-line coach Justin Frye.

New episodes of Buckeye Talk: Ohio State podcast by cleveland.com air weekdays.

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