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S4 Ep. 1: Winning Leadership w/ Atlas Aultman
S4 Ep. 1: Winning Leadership w/ Atlas Aultman
Atlas Aultman has experience in war zones, Special Ops, and the White House and he tells me how they all shaped him. Additional questions he answered: Your given name is Joshua, how did you get to be called Atlus? How did you become so passionate about amplifying winning leadership? Looks like you are a #1 best-selling author x13, how many books have you written? What are the concepts of your books? I recently watched your TEDx called “Start with Who”...It’s not only a tribute to your parents, it’s your life’s lessons rolled into 13 minutes. Talked to me about that. You have a business called What is that about? What are your ultimate goals? Advice for leaders that want to win and be effective? Any advice for aspiring book writers or TEDx enthusiasts? Want my latest book? *** “RULE OF 3 - How elite leaders win” is only 99 cents on Kindle right now in celebration of hitting #1 in twelve (12) Bestseller categories on Amazon to include Leadership, Management, Motivation, Memoirs, Personal Transformation, etc. Want my TEDx talk? *** “Start with WHO” my talk given at TEDx SouthLakeTahoe, was just dropped on TEDs 40-million-strong subscribers channel - google “Atlas TEDX talk” and you’ll see the title “Start with WHO…” Want my KIDS leadership books? *** “Fox in the box” was recently translated into Spanish! It is sure to join “The Boxing Fox, The Fox in the Talks, and The Fox in the Lies” on the worldwide bestseller lists when it drops soon - if you want it 1st, let me know. --- Support this podcast: